About Us

Debbie Woolf has been collecting mineral specimens since 2000 as well as selling on websites until 2010 when a different career path was chosen within the local environment. Debbie is married to David Maplesden and lives in a small village in Kent, England. Debbie's passion is minerals and the localities whilst David prefers the gem & jewellery aspect creating unique hand made pendants with specimens from the collection and uses the following metals silver, gold or platinum.

Debbie Woolf has been a member of the mineral collectors community mindat.org since the early years. For the past 10 years Debbie is one of mindat's managers extending her knowledge on Southern African countries through the information mindat provides and all it's members as well as adding and improving the database on a voluntary basis. Due to the affiliation with mindat Debbie acknowledges the privilege it is to have Bruce Cairncross as a 'mindat buddy' where he frequently exchanges his knowledge which we all benefit from.

Since 2018 Debbie's interests and lifestyle have changed, priorities have forced Debbie into a decision to sell the collection amassed over 10 years.

About My Specimens

All specimens have a history from the moment collected but I cannot tell you the history of every specimen in my collection. I will tell you if it was in a known collection or a known dealer prior to my ownership with explanations set out in the 'features' section on the website. I will also acknowledge if the specimen has been featured elsewhere. Majority of specimens where collected from dealers when we was either living in South Africa or on field trips in Namibia. Specimens have been boxed and not seen the light of day for over 20 years.