Minerals specimens and crystals from Namibia's famous mines, localities like Tsumeb a premier mine for specimens, from Berg Aukus mine descloizite crystals are considered world class. The Erongo's black tourmaline and aquamarine crystals and the quartz crystals from the Brandberg and Goboboseb mountain areas are very well known. Namibia as a country is rich in minerals as commodities but also rich pickings for a collector as good quality specimens either from the past or present continue to come to market. For sale are specimens that have been in my collection for 20 years. The Ameib collection specimens were collected between the 1930's to the 1980's and the dealer was Sid Pieters (verified). As time permits I will add specimens to each mine listed although some have empty content at the moment.


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Ameib Farm Berg Aukas Brandberg area Erongo Goanikontes Goboboseb Karibib Klein Spitzkoppe Krantzberg Neuschwaben Okorusu Omaue Onganja Orange River Rosh Pinah Sandamap Tsumeb Tubussis Farm Usakos Ysterputz