MyAfricanMinerals Gaudefroyite from N'Chwaning II in South Africa

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From: N'Chwaning II - South Africa

Item added: Thu, 23 Dec 2021 03:50:44 GMT

Displayed is stout and prismatic opaque black crystals of gaudefroyite to 13 mm with dark red andradite and a little beige bematite associated, all on white calcite. Majority of crystals are terminated, they are either embedded into the calcite or protruding out, they are also included in calcite and they can be seen deep in all the calcite crevices as perfect crystals. The specimen is very heavy for size and the combined minerals!

Weight: 258g

Size Class: Small cabinet

Dimensions: 55 x 48 x 45
(Width x Height x Depth, all in millimeters)

Price: £ 160.00


Gaudefroyite Calcite Andradite Bementite

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